Discover our pack members.

Lunar Lupus Filmwolves

Everone counts

Our Family is important for us. All of our pack members understand the needs of each other. We can't live with or without each other.

Respect. Caring.

It doesn't matter if we are human or wolf...maybe something inbetween, we all respect each other and we are caring for one another!

We present you the diva of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves - Ylvi


Ylva is like the diva and mum of our pack. She cares for everyone but hates all of them sometimes. She is along luna responsible for our offspring.

We present you the youngstar of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves - Luna


Luna is the newbie in the pack - a lot to learn, very intelligent and loving to be trained...but most of the time simply a wolf puppy.

We present you the casanova of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves - Fenrir the suneater


Fenrir is along with Luna the newest and in the eyes of our senoir Lunar Lupus Filmwolves the most annoying pack member. But one look in his eyes and you fall in love - he is a Casanova Wolf in our pack.

We present you the wolf that wanted to be a ferret and is still part of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves - Levi the Carrier


Levi is our grinning cat in the costume of a wolf. He seems always friendly and never gets annoyed by the youngsters. He likes to learn, carry things and is happy to support us.

We present you the grandpa and most stable personality of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves - Carrick


Carrick is the oldest member of our pack and also the most forgiving and calm wolf we have ever had to work with. He is doing everything relaxed and just waiting for what are the plans for him.