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Our on-boarding services include:

Since we are working with our high standard staff here at Lunar Lupus Filmwolves, we also want to offer you an easier onboarding process to be added to our portfolio. That does not mean, that your wolf has to have a perfect look, be a fully trained show dog or whatsoever. Be sure that no one began as a star - every one began as a little flame.

Our onboarding-services include (but are not limited to that):

  • Free of charge* Shooting done by Lunar Lupus Filmwolves
  • Free of charge* help to create a set card to be sent out by Lunar Lupus Filmwolves to potential customers/project inquiries
  • You will get all photos shot by us for your own purposes
  • You may buy Lunar Lupus accessoires and merch
  • Free of charge* Learn how to deal with scripts and train your dog
  • Free of charge* Social Interaction with others on Wolfdog Camps, Hikes and other Activities

*Our free of charge onboarding services are to help you to settle your business with us and of course aside us. Please keep in mind that travel expenses for a shooting may occure, just chat with us and we may find a solution. We could also meet somewhere and do the shootings at events.

Not all events are free of charge, for some events we have to charge a certain fee (e.g. entrance fee, cleaning fee, fee for a guide, etc...).

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Onboarding help by Lunar Lupus Filmwolves!

We will help you get settled!

This is just to make it easier for you on mobile or if you lack time at the moment to pitch us a message and we will definetly come back to you shortly.