Our additional services usually always include the location consulting - this is something specific to outdoor shoots. When talking about shooting outdoors we always have to keep a lot of circumstances in mind that may disturb us getting the ideal results.

Lunar Lupus Filmwolves takes care of its own animal actors and also ensures the correct behaviour of all crew members (especially when shooting in a forest to not harm wildlife). It is crucial to choose the right location and most important for us is the safety of all actors and crew members!

Set and Studio

Doing shoots in a closed set or studio is more or less something we don't worry at all.  Mainly the only thing that may occur is massive distraction by odor (our Lunar Lupus Filmwolves are trained to be resistant to distracting sounds). Also fasts moving objects or other things on set may be a thing.


If you have an idea for a script or planning your next commercial to air as perfectly as possible - just contact us.




Our additional services also involve the training of your furry actors - some of them may be easier to train and some may take longer to bloom. We have specialized in canine training and there we target low to high content wolfdogs and wolfalike dogs as well as breeds like Sibirian Husky, Alaskan Malamute etc.

Lunar Lupus Filmwolves is working in a positive way, that means we are using a Clicker to ensure our animal actors know what we want from them. For correction measures it depends on what action to set - but all we do is cruelty free, safe for the animals and they always end a day positive!

Short Term of human and animal

Our short term training ensures that all crew members on set/location are fully trained to handle situations. Especially with outdoor shootings we need to ensure to adapt to changing conditions like weather and do a briefing before each shoot.

Long term

We love to train your animals for a longer period of time - please contact us for details or send us your inquiry on which animal you need to be trained and what are the special demands! Remember that animals as well as human are no machines and therefore some may be faster and some may be slower. Also there are individuals that may never learn something!


We started our business designing Dreamweaver and Photoshop Courses back when CS 5 came out - we still design and host courses for international customers of our IT agency (https://lupetti.at). Therefore it is easy to offer you any online content as acurate to your needs as possible!


Agency for Animal Actors


Other Dogs than wolfdogs

Yes, we have also furry friends that are definetly no wolfdogs or wolfalike dogs. Mainly those are easy to train German Shepard Dogs, Belgian Shepards or Australian Shepard Dogs.

Offspring of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves

You may have noticed that we are offering also breeding with our Austrian ÖKV and FCI recognized kennel "vom alten Wolfsblut". If shipping our dogs abroad it is obligatory to visit us at least one time. Please register for an official offspring of our dogs and we for sure contact you for further talks!



Maybe your question was asked already.

1Are this husky?
2I have an action movie, is that ok?
Let us know the script and scene for the wolves and we will decide if our furry actors can do it!
3Who cares for payroll management?
That's up to you. We can care for the payrole management of our handlers and furry actors or you are in direct contractual partnership with them.
4I want a non commercial shooting.
Contact us.
5Where are you able to shoot?
Where it is legal for us to carry our pack.
6Do you need special accomodation?
For long-term projects it would be ideal to have a high fenced area (2 metre minimum) of about 6000sqft (600 sqm) with a container or trailer for us to sleep with the pack.
7Who cares for food or medication of your wolves?
We fully care for our wolves, we have a vet on line in case anything happens. For action shoots or risky projects we demand a specialized vet on set for the time of our presence.
8What are your limitations for shootings?
Actually we didn't encounter any issues or limitations - just contact us!
9Are there limitations for events?
Since we do our best to socialize our wolves early, there should not be any issue with your event - maybe really super yummy food could be problematic, but let us discuss that beforehand.
10Do you have other animals as well?
Lunar Lupus Filmwolves has specialized on our own pack and other wolves only. For other animals and friends check out our partner project.