Professional Services for your

Filmwolves Video Production





Since our childhood we are nerds and geeks - who else would have such animals as a lifetime companion. We are providing you with extraordinary services to make your movie or production a masterpiece.

We have focused on training our Lunar Lupus Filmwolves they are able to do location as well as in-studio shoots with actors or alone. Wether you need the wolves to howl, to eat or lick a knight wounded knee? Well just contact us for both studio-backed and independent film production and we are about to discuss details!

TV Series

Additionally our filmwolves are of course able to perform in other kind of video production as well like different kind of TV Series.

Of course it is important for us to get location information before production ramps up to meet your expectations and to make filming for our wolves and handlers as stress- and harmfree as possible. If possible please contact us early enough to settle everything needed for your production - but also emergency calls are possible due to our goal to be as flexible as possible.

Reality TV

Regarding Reality TV there have been inquiries we didn't want to do because our expectations of what we consider cruelty-free have not been met. Like for movie or TV production, we also need a brief summary of what our animal actors have to do and how things are on set so the handler is able to prepare everything in advance - for your satisfaction and the safety of our filmwolves.


Commercials & Ads


Commercial Filming

Sometimes it is easier scripting a TV commercial than a movie, but honestly it does not matter for us in training or the filmwolves in production what they are about to play. The most important thing is that we definetly know what we have to do and furthermore what we have to prepare and train them to do.

As for all kind of movie production it does not really matter where we are a studio, outdoor, on a skyscraper or in a plane. Even though we have tricks on how to ensure the wolves are staying in place, a fenced and secured area is definetly better in every aspect.

Commercial Shooting and License

We love to do photoshooting stuff - these are situations in which you can see our wolves definetly come up with the best mood possible. They are used to camera noises, to ultrasonic lenses and all kind of stuff from 8 weeks on (our own bred puppies even from day 1). Regarding the licensing of photos or rights usually we are discussing that on project-basis. There is no statement we can make before we know the project details.




Acting as wolves

We are in the happy situation that we have done documentaries already before. And honestly that is among the hardest parts of our filmwolves video production we are offering to you. Not only our animal actors have to behave naturally whilst playing that they are acting as usual and as they would be at home. Also the handlers (mainly ourselfes) have to be in good condition to hold up with the speed of the pack and the demand of the producer.

But we have already figured out tricks on how to manage that behaviour. If you need our actors to play wolves in your production - feel free to contact us at any time and we speak about your project!

Hunting & Prey

Our Lunar Lupus Filmwolves are highly adobtable to any kind of situation - but let us discuss hunt & prey scenes in person or within a video call so we understand what your goal is. Our goal is that no living animal actor is harmed at any time. Please keep that in mind!



Maybe your question was asked already.

1Are this husky?
2I have an action movie, is that ok?
Let us know the script and scene for the wolves and we will decide if our furry actors can do it!
3Who cares for payroll management?
That's up to you. We can care for the payrole management of our handlers and furry actors or you are in direct contractual partnership with them.
4I want a non commercial shooting.
Contact us.
5Where are you able to shoot?
Where it is legal for us to carry our pack.
6Do you need special accomodation?
For long-term projects it would be ideal to have a high fenced area (2 metre minimum) of about 6000sqft (600 sqm) with a container or trailer for us to sleep with the pack.
7Who cares for food or medication of your wolves?
We fully care for our wolves, we have a vet on line in case anything happens. For action shoots or risky projects we demand a specialized vet on set for the time of our presence.
8What are your limitations for shootings?
Actually we didn't encounter any issues or limitations - just contact us!
9Are there limitations for events?
Since we do our best to socialize our wolves early, there should not be any issue with your event - maybe really super yummy food could be problematic, but let us discuss that beforehand.
10Do you have other animals as well?
Lunar Lupus Filmwolves has specialized on our own pack and other wolves only. For other animals and friends check out our partner project.