Lunar Lupus Filmwolves

How much are the approximate

Costs of a Filmwolf?


What are the costs of a filmwolf?


Movies & TV

Basically, we always calculate our services based on the special orders or contracts, but we would like to give you an approximate overview of the costs that may arise:

Daily Rate - 600 € net in Europe

The daily rate is valid if we spend one working day of our wolves with you on the set. Our wolves usually work 3 times of 2 hours with breaks. So we are usually on the set for 9 to 10 hours (acclimatize and then relax).

The daily flat rate does not include travel (possible flat rate or billing according to distance, up to you) and, if applicable, accommodation.

Training for special purpose - 30 € net per session

If our film wolves are to perform in a very special way, we will agree a flat-rate training fee with you. Based on a training plan that we have precisely defined in advance. For example, if our wolves are to assume special poses or have to fall down when signaled, we would charge you - just as an example - 10 units at € 300 net as a flat rate - For more information... you know just contact us.


Photoshooting with a Wolf


Basically, we always calculate our services based on the special orders, but we would like to give you an approximate overview of the costs that may arise:

Daily Rate for Photoshootings - 600 € net

If we talk about daily flat rates for shootings, then as a photographer you organize the setting, the location and take care of the customers and the billing, we will charge you 600 € net, how many pictures/sessions you can take is up to you. The wolves are available to you for 6 hours divided into 3 times a maximum of 2 hours.

In intense areas like outdoors it may be necessary to use a steel cable to secure it - so you should be able to retouch that. In the Styria, Carinthia and Burgenland areas, the daily rate also includes travel.

In Austria, a travel fee of €100 net applies (halved if we can fully charge the e-car at your place). For multi-day orders and/or location changes, please inquire for a separate offer.

Hourly Rate - 50 € net

You only need our dogs for specific recordings? With pleasure. In the Styria, Carinthia and Burgenland area, a flat-rate travel fee of €40 is added to the hourly rate. In the rest of Austria, 100 € net applies (also halved here if we can fully charge our electric car). The time from which we arrive at the set to the time when the order is completed and we leave the set will be charged.


As is usual in Europe, we do not raise any claims to licensing, it would be nice to mention and possibly provide 1-2 photos for our social media channels and mailings.



Other costs for filmwolves


Training and Accomodation - 60 € net per day and dog

Training and day care for your dogs costs €60 net per day and dog - this does not include food and transportation for the dog. Please note that we take care of the training (2 units per day), a partner company takes care of the accomodation.

Invoicing is carried out separately in each case - unless you wish a collective invoice.

Offspring of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves

You may have noticed that we are offering also breeding with our Austrian ÖKV and FCI recognized kennel "vom alten Wolfsblut". If shipping our dogs abroad it is obligatory to visit us at least one time. Please register for an official offspring of our dogs and we for sure contact you for further talks!



Maybe your question was asked already.

1Are this husky?
2I have an action movie, is that ok?
Let us know the script and scene for the wolves and we will decide if our furry actors can do it!
3Who cares for payroll management?
That's up to you. We can care for the payrole management of our handlers and furry actors or you are in direct contractual partnership with them.
4I want a non commercial shooting.
Contact us.
5Where are you able to shoot?
Where it is legal for us to carry our pack.
6Do you need special accomodation?
For long-term projects it would be ideal to have a high fenced area (2 metre minimum) of about 6000sqft (600 sqm) with a container or trailer for us to sleep with the pack.
7Who cares for food or medication of your wolves?
We fully care for our wolves, we have a vet on line in case anything happens. For action shoots or risky projects we demand a specialized vet on set for the time of our presence.
8What are your limitations for shootings?
Actually we didn't encounter any issues or limitations - just contact us!
9Are there limitations for events?
Since we do our best to socialize our wolves early, there should not be any issue with your event - maybe really super yummy food could be problematic, but let us discuss that beforehand.
10Do you have other animals as well?
Lunar Lupus Filmwolves has specialized on our own pack and other wolves only. For other animals and friends check out our partner project.