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We are really curious about any information on your project but we need detailed material on what role our wolfpack is going to play. Therefore we prepared a few question for you to answer, nothing too deep, just for us to classify your inquiry and decide who to forward to you.

  • Where is your project taking place?
  • For Movies/Television: Is it going to be long-term? If yes, how long?
  • How many wolves are needed?
  • When will your project take place? (In other words, how long have we got to train them?)
  • Are you paying the handlers/actors directly or should we contract with you?
  • Do we need a veterinarian on set?

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    You are free to write as many as possible or just grab the phone and call us with your idea - anyways we will definetly ask you to pitch us your contact data via email, so why not use the contact form and then call us maybe.

      Legal Information & Impress

      Lunar Lupus Filmwolves
      are based in Europe, Austria


      Ligist 137
      8563 Ligist

      We are not operating a studio on this address, we are just having our office there for payrolls and communication. Only two of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves are living there. Please to not send unsoliciated product samples, free gifts or toys. We will forward them to the next shelter, but please donate them locally and save the environment! Before visiting our wolves in real life, please contact us and check if we are in office or abroad.


      Company Details:

      Lunar Lupus e.U.

      Commercial Registration Number: FN 584199t
      Jurisdiction: LG für ZRS Graz & Member of the Chamber of Commerce Styria/Austria

      CEO & owner of the pack:

      Daniel Ylgrsson (100 %)


      +43. 664. 377 444 40

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