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Ligist 137
8563 Ligist

Please be informed, that we are not operating a studio on this address, we are just having our office there for payrolls and communication.

Include in Application:

We are working with high standard furry staff only here at Lunar Lupus Filmwolves, that does not mean, that your wolf has to have a perfect look, but the behaviour must meet our expectations. Therefore we ask you to definetly answer the following questions:

  • How old is your wolf and how was it raised - indoor, outdoor, with human interaction.
  • How high is the content of wolf - meaning how are you able to maintain daily situations?
  • For which section of our portfolio would your wolf fit?
  • How did you train your dog so far? Is it familiar with clicker?
  • Can you travel, if yes how long? What is your furry co-worker eating (raw, dry, cooked)?

  • Of course there may be more questions arising on both sides but this is just to classify your application generally. If you are not using the Application Form below - which is definetly ok - please include already a few pictures.

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    This is just to make it easier for you on mobile or if you lack time at the moment to pitch us a message and we will definetly come back to you shortly.