Submit Your Application

At Lunar Lupus Filmwolves, we maintain high standards when it comes to our furry staff. While your wolf-a-like dog doesn't need to have a perfect appearance, their behavior must meet our expectations. We kindly ask you to provide detailed answers to the following questions:


  • Age and Upbringing: How old is your wolf-a-like dog, and what kind of environment were they raised in? Did they have ample human interaction?
  • Wolf Content: To what extent does your dog exhibit wolf-like behaviors? How well can they adapt to daily situations?
  • Portfolio Fit: Which section of our portfolio do you think your wolf-a-like dog would be most suitable for?
  • Training: Tell us about the training your dog has received thus far. Are they familiar with clicker training techniques?
  • Travel Ability: Are you able to travel with your furry companion? If so, what is the maximum duration you can accommodate? Additionally, please specify their dietary preferences (raw, dry, cooked).


While there may be additional questions that arise during the application process, these initial inquiries serve as a general classification for your application. If you choose not to use the provided application form, that is perfectly acceptable. However, please include a few pictures of your wolf-a-like dog.

Need assistance with the onboarding/application process?

If you're not quite ready to submit your application or require additional guidance, we are here to assist you! Simply visit our onboarding page and send us a message with your inquiries or concerns.

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