Everything you need
to know about Lunar Lupus Filmwolves


How our filmwolves

work and what we do

Finest Selection

We are specialized on our wolves and are closely working in conjunction with veterinarians to ensure that our selection of dogs suits your project best. We check the environment in advance for stinging things, poisonous plants or sharp objects that may hurt the paws of our pack.

In short, our staff and the vets will be able to help and support you with every issue that may arise.

Safety first,
well prepared

Our motto is always "better safe than sorry" and that is the most important rule for our dogs and the surroundings and settings we put them in.

It is very important for us to be able to get to know all kind of info already before our wolves arrive in order to take any measures needed to ensure a smooth and stressless working area for all actors - furry or human.


It all started
with a big bang

Creative since


Our staff has gone through a lot of stages in creative life - from working with Apple on the launch of Final Cut Pro X to agency services for Austria's most reknown brand. Finally coming to a halt with Lunar Lupus Filmwolves.

No, we never stop, we we strive for continuous improvement of our services and are sometimes really greedy for new stuff.

Why filmwolves?

Our wolves are all working class bred and a lot also are recognized for further breeding by the FCI therefore they need something to do. First we decided to train them fun things, learn them to behave well in really harsh environments and also stay calm when a gun is fired - all that led to Lunar Lupus Filmwolves.

Our dogs love to work for treats and are clear in their mind as well as willing to learn new things - thus training and preparation is fun for them.


Who we are