We are Lunar Lupus Filmwolves

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Welcome to Lunar Lupus Filmwolves, where magic meets the big screen! We specialize in providing trained filmwolves that are ready to take the entertainment world by storm. Our extraordinary pack of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves is not only capable of captivating audiences with their stunning look but also skilled in acting, photoshoots, and event appearances.

Lights, camera, action! Our Filmwolves possess an innate talent for acting, making them perfect for the silver screen. With their mesmerizing gaze and graceful movements, they effortlessly embody the wild spirit and untamed elegance that audiences crave. Whether it's a heartwarming family film, a thrilling adventure, or even a period drama, our Filmwolves bring depth and authenticity to any role they take on.


Selected Photos

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We are Lunar Lupus Filmwolves

Are you ready to bring the magic of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves to your next production, campaign, or event? Contact us today to discuss how our extraordinary Filmwolves can add a touch of enchantment to your project. Let the wild spirit of these incredible creatures captivate and inspire your audience, leaving them howling for more!


Unleash the magic of our Filmwolves on the silver screen!


Capture breathtaking beauty with our stunning wolf models.


Experience the majestic presence of our pack at your event.


Unlock the untamed potential of our Filmwolves with our expert trainers.